Memorial Day goslings and chicks

We have more goslings hatching today at Thiry Farm! These little guys were incubated under a broody Buff Orpington hen named Scrambles. She did a great job, so when we removed the eggs to the incubator for hatching, we replaced them with a couple of chicks from the feed store to give Scrambles something to…

Pilgrim hatching in progress!

We have an incubator full of Pilgrim goslings working on hatching today at Thiry Farm!   Email us if you are interested in purchasing goslings: Our Pilgrim goose is also sitting on a clutch,  and we have Pilgrim eggs under several broody hens as well.

Pilgrim goslings for sale

 We anticipate a new hatching of pilgrim goslings on May 22. If you live locally and are interested in purchasing goslings, males will be sold for $10 and females for $13 each. Please email Sunshine at: