Managing water for ducks in the winter

The topic of managing ducks’ (and geese’s) water needs in the winter seems to come up periodically on various poultry-raising boards.  People always ask, “Can they just eat snow?” The answer is no.  While they don’t need to swim, ducks and other water fowl must have a liquid water source that they can fully submerge…

Barnyard Bickering: Uncle Waldo versus Vernon

We are in the midst of a monster snowstorm. Virtually every school and a lot of businesses in southeastern Michigan were closed today. My employer ordered everyone to stay home (staff normally reports on snow days or has to make up the day at the end of the school year but this one is a…

Rejoicing over the lost and found.

So many times I think to myself how interesting life on our little hobby farm is and how I ought to get back to writing about all the odd and fascinating happenings, but busyness kept me from it and then it seemed awkward just to start writing again. But there is nothing like the thrill…

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and family!

Memorial Day goslings and chicks

We have more goslings hatching today at Thiry Farm! These little guys were incubated under a broody Buff Orpington hen named Scrambles. She did a great job, so when we removed the eggs to the incubator for hatching, we replaced them with a couple of chicks from the feed store to give Scrambles something to…

Pilgrim hatching in progress!

We have an incubator full of Pilgrim goslings working on hatching today at Thiry Farm!   Email us if you are interested in purchasing goslings: Our Pilgrim goose is also sitting on a clutch,  and we have Pilgrim eggs under several broody hens as well.

Pilgrim goslings for sale

 We anticipate a new hatching of pilgrim goslings on May 22. If you live locally and are interested in purchasing goslings, males will be sold for $10 and females for $13 each. Please email Sunshine at: